Babies, Birthdays, and Balance {A Catch Up Post}

Its been almost a week since I have put up a blog post…oops. In my defense, there’s been a lot going on.

Friday was my birthday. I’m 27…I’m officially in my “late 20’s”. I’m “pushing 30”. I’m on the fence….I can’t decide if I really hate the way that sounds or if I’m really relieved that my early 20’s are over. I made a lot of mistakes in my early 20’s, and I feel like I’m finally past all of that. I may decide to embrace the whole almost 30 thing and be grateful for the life that has emerged from all my early 20 mistakes. But we’ll see.

Anyway, Friday morning MJ had his two month check up which meant time for vaccinations. I don’t want to get into the whole vaccination debate here on the blog, but I will say that making an appointment to get my son vaccinated on my birthday was a huge mistake. He cried, my husband cried, I almost cried. Then he was fussy for the rest of the day. Lesson learned. After that horrific experience I left MJ with Mike and headed off to get a massage. I haven’t had a massage in over a year, and it was much needed. Mike ended up having to work that night, so Aiden, MJ, and I celebrated my birthday by eating dinner and cake at my mom’s house that night. Here’s the only picture I took that day.


Seriously, could he be any cuter?

The weekend kind of all ran together, but I managed to get a DIY project done that I’ve been wanting to do forever (did I take any pictures? Of course not) and we got our taxes done.

We’ve been in a serious state of limbo lately with Mike’s job. He’s got a job, but he’s trying to get a new job in a new industry he’s never worked in before. We’re struggling a little bit to find the exact path he should take in order to do that, but I think we’re finally getting our priorities lined up and getting some things figured out. Given this strange limbo like state that we’ve been in, our finances have been a little strained lately. Back in November I made the decision to quit my job knowing that at some point I would either want to or need to go back to work, at least part time. We had been holding off on that (even though I was definitely starting to get the “itch” to do something other than sit at home and breastfeed all day), but last week an opportunity presented itself that I couldn’t turn down. An attorney at a different firm than the one I worked for previously offered me a part time paralegal position. Its mostly work at home, and I have no set office hours. My boss is a super nice guy who is incredibly flexible and easy to work for. With that being said, I’m struggling a bit to find a good work at home balance. Like today I sat at home and typed up a novel like email to a client while my baby sat in his bouncer and cried. And now? Now that he’s sleeping I’m typing up this blog post. We’ll figure it out.

I hope y’all are having a terrific Tuesday!


Ugh {A Winter Funk}

I am seriously in the trenches of my annual winter funk. I’ve always hated winter, but since having kids I hate it even more. I hate it so much that I wrote a small novel email to a friend of mine all about health insurance. That’s what my life this winter has come to…writing emails about health insurance. Since I really have no update of any kind or anything happy or positive to say today I took it to Google images for some inspiration….

For real….I am self admittedly that girl who constantly wears leggings as pants. And I don’t care.

leggings meme

Y’all know exactly what I mean….

Kermit meme

My poor friend who I wrote the insurance email to sent me this….she knows where I’m coming from.

winter meme

And if this doesn’t make you laugh immediately or you don’t get it please RUN to the store and go buy the movie I Love You Man.

totes ma goat meme

Stay warm, everyone!

Top Ten Tuesday {Bands}

This one is going to be sooooo hard for me. All of my parents (step parents included) are professional musicians and hold some kind of music degree. I was raised on music everywhere and started playing several instruments at an early age. My biggest hope in life is that I can pass on my love of music to my children. Without further ado, let’s get to it!

1. Led Zeppelin. This is actually a favorite band that Mike and I have in common and discovering our mutual love for LZ in my car was one of our first bonding moments.

2. Jimi Hendrix. One of the most talented guitarists ever ever ever.

3. Counting Crows. They have some of the most beautiful songs ever. I could listen to any of their albums on repeat for days.

4. The Beatles. This one really needs no explanation.

5. The Talking Heads. The Beatles of a different decade. This one also really doesn’t need an explanation.

6. Dire Straits. So they may be a little old school and outdated, but still super amazing and fun.

7. David Bowie. Love me some Bowie….he’s strange, he’s weird, he’s a genius.

8. Michael Jackson. Because I can’t dance until I’m alone in my house blasting MJ.

9. The Eagles. All their songs are so much fun to sing a long to. Loudly. And off key. Oh wait…maybe that’s just me.

10. Blues Traveler. Light and fun and I love them.

Happy Tuesday!

A Weekend Without Pictures {And An Explanation}

All we really need to say about my weekend is that it was super lame, super boring, and super frustrating. We’re house sitting for my mom, but we were stuck inside all. weekend. Its been so cold and yucky and windy and rainy here. I thought my five year old was absolutely going to die of boredom this weekend, but you can’t go outside when its 35 degrees and raining. I do have a really epic baby poo story from this weekend, but maybe we’ll talk about that later this week.

I do feel like I need to say a few words about my lack of pictures. Basically the problem is that the cell phone I am currently using is approximately 3 years old, and we all know that in the world of cell phones, my cell phone is ancient. The camera is super slow, super grainy, and there’s no flash making it next to impossible for me to get a decent picture of anything other than an inanimate object in bright sunlight.

So what happened to my brand new super expensive not yet all the way paid for cell phone? Less than a year ago I took myself to the Verizon store and got a fancy new cell phone that I really wanted and really loved and it took really amazing pictures. Fast forward to me having a baby and spending three sleepless nights in the hospital. Mike and I had just returned home with our brand new baby this past December. I was completely exhausted and still in a sort of fog. Even though this was my second baby, I was still in a little bit of shock that they just let me walk out of the hospital with a baby. Anyway, we got home and it was dark outside and I set my phone on top of the car while I took the baby out of the car. We went inside and Mike decided he needed to go to the store for something. While he was gone I proceeded to unpack and get everything settled. I decided I wanted some ice cream. I reached for my phone and realized I had left it on top of the car that Mike had just taken to the store. Using his parent’s home phone (who still has one of those anyway????) I called him to let him know that on his way back he needed to look on the side of the road for my cell phone. We found it, and it still works, but the screen is completely shattered. Like can’t use the phone because nothing shows up on the screen. Luckily we had Mike’s old ancient phone that I activated my number on so at least I’ve got a phone….I just can’t really take pictures. So anyway, there’s my excuse for my lack of pictures. We may be switching wireless carriers soon which would result in a new phone for me, or we may pay to have my old one repaired. Either way….the picture situation should be remedied soon!

Happy Monday, everyone!

Lives in Pictures {A Reality}

Let’s start off our Thursday with a little bit of a rant. I got on Facebook this morning to see that a “friend” of mine (I say “friend” because in reality I haven’t seen or spoken to this girl in 14 years….since elementary school! Nonetheless, we are “friends” on Facebook for some unknown reason.) had posted a picture of her 6 week old daughter sleeping in her crib for the second day in a row. She was going on and on about how her baby is sleeping all the way through the night in her crib. Like 7 hours at a time. Seriously? My 8 week old is sleeping in bed with us and definitely does not sleep through the night. At all. I started feeling bad. I started doubting myself and my parenting skills and even my kid in general! Is there something wrong with him? Is there something wrong with me? Should I call the pediatrician? Should I get a sleep expert?

Then I took a breath and remembered that I do have a five year old who does sleep in his bed all the way through the night every night. And that five years ago, we were in the same place that I am now with this baby.

Therein lies the problem with Facebook. It is a SNAPSHOT. A second of someone’s whole life. My life looks perfect and great a couple seconds out of each day, too. The reality, though, is that my life (and I would imagine the lives of all my Facebook “friends”) is not perfect at all. Far from it. And actually, I think that is what makes it perfect. All the imperfect seconds of every day. Facebook and other social media platforms these days make it all too easy for us to portray perfect little lives and then measure ourselves against everyone else posting these perfect little pictures. I’ve decided that my goal for this new year (my birthday is next week and that’s when I consider my new year to have started) is to portray myself as realistically as possible via Facebook and my blog. I want to get real about my perfect life that is made up of all those imperfect seconds. So here we go.

Yesterday my son peed all over the only pair of jeans I had at my mom’s house with me. Like all over. He also peed all over her couch so I used a baby wipe on it and I’m going to hope my mom doesn’t notice. Then, I spilled an entire can of tuna fish into my boot that I was wearing. Today, my baby woke up at 3am and hasn’t gone back to sleep yet. Then I cut the back of my hand open and spilled my entire cup of coffee all over my beautiful cream colored nightstand that I refinished and painted myself. Oh and also? This is what my baby looks like when he lays in his crib.

MJ crying in his crib

Happy Thursday!

Staycations, Babies, and Chaos {My Blog May Suffer}

Life has been pure chaos the past few days.

My mom is on a cruise, so we’re house sitting for her. After living with the in-laws for the last three months, its nice to have some peace and quiet and our own space for awhile. Plus, my mom has a killer fireplace and jacuzzi tub so that’s a bonus. Packing was a little crazy and we’ve actually got to go back to the in-laws house tonight because Mike and I are both running his parents to various doctor appointments tomorrow. I did like a half pack for the first half of the week and I’ll do another half pack for the remainder of the week when we get back there tonight.

We’ve been trying to do that whole grown up thing and get our taxes done asap, but Mike’s previous employer is being slightly less than cooperative about getting our W2’s (I worked there for a month at the beginning of the year) to us. He’s also interviewing for a couple of new jobs that we’re really hoping work out. Interviewing is always stressful, so we’re trying to take things one day at a time and not count our chickens before they hatch. Right now we’re in a little bit of a budget limbo, which is taking its toll on my obsessive orderly personality.

MJ is generally a really easy baby, but the past few days he’s been super clingy and fussy. Is 2 months to early to start teething? Of course I’m the “lucky” mom who’s kid won’t take a paci. Its a little rough at times right now, but I’m sure in a couple years when I’m not battling taking it away from him I’ll be glad. I’m so exhausted I feel like a newborn giraffe….kind of awkward and off balance and ungainly. Fortunately babies pass through phases so quickly that I’m sure this time next week we’ll be through this.

I promise to get some pictures of my chaotic life and be back later this week with a more organized post!

Top Ten Tuesday {Winter Activities}

I’m not gonna lie. This was a hard list for me. I’m not a big fan of winter. I don’t like being cold. I don’t like getting out in the cold. And I definitely don’t like taking my kids out in the cold. Nonetheless, life goes on throughout the winter so here is my list of top ten winter activities. 1. S’mores night! There’s nothing I love more than a warm fire in our outdoor terra cotta chiminea. This past summer we built a fire in the chiminea outside and introduced Aiden to s’mores. Super messy, but super fun. Mike and Aiden roasting marshmallows 2. Fireside movie night. The only thing that could maybe possibly be better than a fire in my chiminea is a big crackling fire in my fireplace. Mike and I love to start up a fire and settle in to watch a movie. FIre in fireplace 3. Sledding! Here in Georgia we usually get a light dusting of snow at some point during the winter. Its usually not enough to go sledding, but last winter we got tons of snow! We used the giant lids off of our rubbermaid storage containers as sleds. Mike and I in the snow 4. Coffee. Not sure this needs too much elaboration. I lovelovelove coffee, and it just tastes so much better on a cold dreary winter day. Latte Yes, that is a picture of a real latte I ordered at an Italian restaurant! 5. Hot chocolate, or “hocho”, as I like to lovingly call it. And yes, this does warrant  a place on the list separate from coffee. hot chocolate Homemade hot chocolate with homemade peppermint whipped cream! 6. Family game night. Lame? Maybe. Fun? Totally. Some of our family favorites are Monopoly, Rummy, and Liverpool. cards 7. Decorating. There are all kinds of winter holidays to decorate for. I do really well with Thanksgiving and Christmas, but I’m trying to get better about decorating for the other winter holidays. My mom has a super cute snowman display going on at her house this month, and I’m trying to come up with some cute Valentine’s Day decorations to do. Christmas tree 8. Shopping for winter accessories. Love me some fuzzy winter clothes. Hats, scarves, gloves. This year I bought two adorable snow suits for the baby that he has yet to be able to use. Come on, snow! Aiden and I in hats 9. Vacation! Why not go somewhere warmer? A few winters ago we went to Disney World. I left Georgia in jeans and a sweatshirt and arrived in Florida in shorts and a tank top. It was marvelous. Aiden and Daisy Duck 10. And last but not least….cleaning. Womp womp. But seriously…what better time of year to spend all wrapped up inside your home cleaning, organizing and purging? No depressing picture necessary for this one… Happy Tuesday!